About Us

Kado Bay is e-tailer and fashion brand based out of Stow, Ohio. Largely apparel-driven, our store provides a mixture of custom apparel and printed tees, along with other wearables, drinkware, bags, art prints, and patterned linens. Our products are designed by us and tend to focus on themes of humor, color, patterns, athletics, positivity, faith, and good feelings.

The majority of our products are fulfilled on demand. Our custom apparel is printed, cut, and sewn once an order is placed, delivering items with a look unlike the mass-produced gear you might encounter from other retailers. So while you won't be able to get a product in under 5 business days, know that you are getting gear that was freshly made and not pulled from ancient inventory.

Kado Bay is a woman-owned business driven by enriching lives rather than maximizing profit. Equity is a core principle, so we do not charge higher prices for the same apparel in plus sizes. Rather, we spread the cost equally across size ranges. No, that doesn't mean we punish people who wear sizes XS-1X. We would rather eat some of our profit potential than charge different prices for the same item based on body size. We hope you find the products we feature to be fun or stylish, well-made, and affordable. Please stop by often. We look forward to your business.

- The Kado Bay Team